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    Four fundamental strategies to retire early

    some people often talk about retire early or retire sooner. They may be bored working from morning to night without a significant economic progress. They want live wealth at young age. However some person choose to work until old. They like to work because it is not all about money. Here are some strategies for retire early: 1. Find another jobs. You can work at other place to generate more money. 2. Buy one single family car to thrift your car spending 3. Do not include your child at the payroll 4. Eat at your house. most people eat at out that spend more money read also : How retire safely Business for retire source: finance. yahoo.com
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    Unlucky value investors today

    How do you feel when the host of your blog deletes your blog? Perhaps you feel sad and crazy because your investment of two years in building contents is lost in one day. You have to start over building a new blog again from scratch. You must be sad too when your investment saved over a dozen years fall in value. The investor who holds his investment for years is a value investor. The famous investor like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, Philip Fisher, Jeremy Siegel, etc invests for long time. Becoming a value investor does not guarantee that you will be a successful investor. Today, most the value investors lost money. I have read from an article Andrew Mickey form seekingalpha.com that the great investor loss. You can see the list below: Warren Buffet His business empire, Berkshire
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    Determining risk in mutual fund investing

    Investing in mutual fund is risky. The investor could loss money in a moment. Unlike certified deposit, mutual fund has no guarantee. You should be wise to invest your money. We are difficult to find any investment today because the global crisis occurs. On the other hand, some mutual fund has little bit return. You can invest at that investment too. The best way to recognize the risk is record of accomplishment. You can see they record year by year. You need they record at least ten year. You can use statistic software or excel to measure their risk. The best fund has well return record. Unfortunately, the best record does not guarantee you to get return. Perhaps next year the mutual fund will bankrupt. We do not know what happen next.


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