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    Do you think Facebook Stock is good?

    Previously post, I explain about facebook stock. If Mark Zuckenburg IPO the facebook share, will you buy it? You have to check the company first. You may like facebook but it does not mean that you have to buy the stock. Analyze the company first. Will facebook pay you high return or gain. We are difficult to analyze the dotcom company because the intangible asset is so high. Some experts are difficult to calculate it. In my opinion, we cannot hope much with facebook because it is a new company. We do not know whether the company will grow like Google or will close. You can ask your broker to analyze the stock source: mint.com
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    Five Financial Solutions for 2011

    The economics seems not change for 2011. We should do five financial solutions in 2011: 1 Re-balance your portfolio. Check your portfolio whether it has aligned with risk you willing to assume. You can sell the stock and change with other investment. 2. Prepare the nest for future. Contribute to the retirement plan. 3.See the financial security system of your family. 4.Plan to buy estate. You need a comfort house for your family. Do not let them live at street. 5. Beware the threaten of debt. Reduce the debt immediately. The interest may rise up and make you bankrupt. read also : How to prepare bubble market
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    Active ETF cannot beat Passive ETF

    It is not good for investor whose has active ETF. They think the active is better than the passive. I have read the article from Investopedia.com. Actively ETF is different with passive ETF. The management of active ETF must work hard to manage active fund. They do short selling, sector rotation, and buying on margin. On the other hand, a passive ETF manager will not do like that. They invest their money at index such as S&P 500. Unfortunately, most active investor does not get money as they think. The active ETF cannot beat the index or market performance. Actively-managed ETF is rare. It is because the technical challenge in creating the product. We do not know the share or stock price exactly. There is disparity price. To the big buyer such as ETF management, the stock seller give
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    Index Funds is not same with stock

    Some people may guess that index fund is similar to stock. They think that Index fund can give higher return like investing in stock. Index fund invest not only stock but also bond. Bond index that include treasury bond, corporate bond, mortgage-backed bonds, and so on is less popular than stock index. By investing in index, you diversify your money to numerous company. You should also pay some fee for funds too. The critics of mutual fund is that the manager cannot beat the market. Some manager also cannot beat the market. Perhaps they cannot construct a good portfolio. The Bond Fund expected return usually is lower than Stock Fund. It is because the expected return of stock is higher than the expected return of bond.
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    The Process of Buying And Selling Stocks

    The Process of Buying And Selling Stocks Here is the process of buying and selling stocks. You can order the stock to the broker first. To add the capital some company may publish their shares to public. They hope they can generate some money from outside company. The investors must find the good stock to increase their wealth. Unlike buy an apple, we cannot buy directly the shares. We should order the share to the broker and, then transfer some money to the broker. Content Source: Bukisa - The Process of Buying And Selling Stocks
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    Three basic Ways in Making Money

    To reach the wealth, people try to get money as much as possible. They do anything for that. Most people get money from this three basic ways although some people get money from inherit or other. Here are the three ways: Active income:Most people get money from the place where they works. They works begin 9 a.m to 5 pm. The employer pays the salary at the end of the month. Portfolio income: I think this is for middle up family only. Poor people cannot save money and manage portfolio. They spend the salary for daily necessity only. For rich people, they can manage some investment such as stock, mutual fund, ETF, precious metal and others. They can get the cash flow stream everyday. Passive Income: Without works, you get the money. It is called passive income. You can get passive income
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    Market Anomalies

    Sometimes our analysis is not work for investment. Our prediction cannot predict the investment good even we have analysis the investment. Off course, we can lose our investment. There are three common market anomalies in capital market such as: Small firm effect January is the time when the company should report the yearly financial statement to stockholder. Therefore, some company dress the financial statement In January, the rate of small firm stock return is usually higher than the other month. Book to Market Ratio Book Market ratio is a ratio that measure book value relative to market. According to the study, the higher book market ratio, the higher return. Reversals The stock which has good performance in the past year does not guarantee that the stock has good performance i
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    Do not worry about doble dip recession

    We live at hard time where the company fire more employee and we are hard to find money. Some experts said that the economic will to double deep recession. Off course, I am worried to because my business may fall too. The Europe economic, such as, Greek, Italian, and Spanish is teetering. The interest rate is increasing. However the article said that we should not worry about double dip recession. The article give some tips to overcome the double dip. Avoid companies that make consumer goods other than necessities. Invest at the company which produce necessities. In hard times, people need necessities so the company still get return too. Stock can protect you from inflation too. Arrange your portfolio that can protect you from inflation. Do not afraid with the bear stock. You can over
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    How to become a millionaire for a college grads

    Do you dream of become a millionaire? Perhaps you need money for house, car. leisure and else. Some blog or website may suggest you to invest that give you much money. Some people said that it is the best way to become millionaire. ON the other hand, a mint writer said that stock market was miserable for long time. Ibbotson report that the stock return during 1926 recession is high or 9.6%. But the stock rarely hit the average. I think we should consider to invest at stock. in 1920’s the stock return was 19.2% but the stock price rarely hit the average. We cannot get benefit much from investment in stock. We should calculate the investing risk too. For young people, they can set up emergency fund immediately. They will get benefit from it after retirement. Do not waste their mon
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    Soros's Strategy is for holding the stock

    George Soros, Most famous fund manager told about the stock Investment strategy. Stock Investing is a puzzle. According to Soros, financial market are unstable by nature. We can see the market sometimes it skyrockets and sometimes it falls to deep valley. If we have recognized the market, we can get benefit from it. Therefore, Soros do macro analysis in order to find the trend when the stock rise or when the stock drop. If we can detect the trend, we can get million dollars or even trillion dollars. Unfortunately, most people can do it even a good mathematician that can predict the trends of the stock. He also use his instinct to predict the market direction. Only few people whose has instinct like Soros. According his fund’s latest news, Soros invest the money to the famous Braz
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