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    Four fundamental strategies to retire early

    some people often talk about retire early or retire sooner. They may be bored working from morning to night without a significant economic progress. They want live wealth at young age. However some person choose to work until old. They like to work because it is not all about money. Here are some strategies for retire early: 1. Find another jobs. You can work at other place to generate more money. 2. Buy one single family car to thrift your car spending 3. Do not include your child at the payroll 4. Eat at your house. most people eat at out that spend more money read also : How retire safely Business for retire source: finance. yahoo.com
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    The benefit bike rather than car

    Some people decide to leave the car to thrift their spending. According to American Automobile Association (AAA), American people spend $9,000 a year for owning a vehicle that includes car payment, insurance, oil, gasoline, parking, registration fees and taxes, car washes, tools and repairs. It is about $750 per month. according to Bikes at Work Inc, car ownership cost is the second largest household spending. (from :get rich slowly) You are better to change the car with bike. It is health and can thrift your spending. You do not have to use treadmill again. You can use the $ 9,000 for other spending or settle your debt. Before deciding to change your vehicles, you should consider some things: 1. Are you strong enough to paddling the bicycle?If you are weak, you do not have to use bicy
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    8 Questions for the constantly brooke - yahoo finance

    Sometimes we surprise our credit card bill is so high. It could occurs because we are not discipline to use money. There are eight question about money for you .I quote form finance yahoo. 1. Do I know where money is going? You have to check your spending use some personal finance tool from mint.com or wasabe.com 2. Am I focusing too much on the month instead of year? If you construct the budget for a month, Your budget will be lack. 3. Do I do something everyday that wastes money? We might suck cigarettes or eat bubble gum. 4. Am I saving too much? Saving can increase your spending but is is useful for next time. 5. Do I know my own weakens? Most people like something and we can stand to hold to spend money for it. 6. Is relationship hurting my account? 7. Are big items dragg


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