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    Active ETF cannot beat Passive ETF

    It is not good for investor whose has active ETF. They think the active is better than the passive. I have read the article from Investopedia.com. Actively ETF is different with passive ETF. The management of active ETF must work hard to manage active fund. They do short selling, sector rotation, and buying on margin. On the other hand, a passive ETF manager will not do like that. They invest their money at index such as S&P 500. Unfortunately, most active investor does not get money as they think. The active ETF cannot beat the index or market performance. Actively-managed ETF is rare. It is because the technical challenge in creating the product. We do not know the share or stock price exactly. There is disparity price. To the big buyer such as ETF management, the stock seller give
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    The Greek crisis could affect other Europe country

    The Greek crisis might affect other Europe country. Spanish debt rate decreases to AA form AA+. Same like United States, Spanish also suffer house and construction crisis. Spain’s deputy prime minister, appealed market to calm. Europe need to help Greece to recover its economic, according to IMF director Dominique Strauss-Khan. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Europe should bailout Greek fast. But the opposition dispute Chancellor initiative. Angel should be careful to decide the bailout because it is the hottest issue toward German election. Europe may help Greece with 45 billion euros. If the German participate in bailout, the package could be 140 billion euros. The question is will German want to help Greek? The Germans realise they are not just in for a one-off loan


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