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    Do you think Facebook Stock is good?

    Previously post, I explain about facebook stock. If Mark Zuckenburg IPO the facebook share, will you buy it? You have to check the company first. You may like facebook but it does not mean that you have to buy the stock. Analyze the company first. Will facebook pay you high return or gain. We are difficult to analyze the dotcom company because the intangible asset is so high. Some experts are difficult to calculate it. In my opinion, we cannot hope much with facebook because it is a new company. We do not know whether the company will grow like Google or will close. You can ask your broker to analyze the stock source: mint.com
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    Five Financial Solutions for 2011

    The economics seems not change for 2011. We should do five financial solutions in 2011: 1 Re-balance your portfolio. Check your portfolio whether it has aligned with risk you willing to assume. You can sell the stock and change with other investment. 2. Prepare the nest for future. Contribute to the retirement plan. 3.See the financial security system of your family. 4.Plan to buy estate. You need a comfort house for your family. Do not let them live at street. 5. Beware the threaten of debt. Reduce the debt immediately. The interest may rise up and make you bankrupt. read also : How to prepare bubble market
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    Index Funds is not same with stock

    Some people may guess that index fund is similar to stock. They think that Index fund can give higher return like investing in stock. Index fund invest not only stock but also bond. Bond index that include treasury bond, corporate bond, mortgage-backed bonds, and so on is less popular than stock index. By investing in index, you diversify your money to numerous company. You should also pay some fee for funds too. The critics of mutual fund is that the manager cannot beat the market. Some manager also cannot beat the market. Perhaps they cannot construct a good portfolio. The Bond Fund expected return usually is lower than Stock Fund. It is because the expected return of stock is higher than the expected return of bond.
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    How investments grow

    A tree will grow as the time go. The tree will have sweet and big fruit. To eat sweet fruit or sell the fruit is the farmer’s aim. They cultivated the seed of three years before. They care the tree. They use fertilizer to grow the tree and they use pesticide once disease attacks the tree. The illustration above describes that how tree grow. We often hear the investment also grow to. That is why people put their money at investment. They want the money grow like a tree and they want to benefit the investment fruit’s too. Surely, investment is very different to tree. You do not have to use fertilizer or disinfectant to grow the investment. Like a tree, investment need time to grow. The investment cannot grow in short time. You should invest your money, manage it, and wait it.
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    Dow Jones Average reach 11000

    This is a good news for investor or speculator. They will get benefit from increasing Dow Jones Average. Dow increase 35% in last one year. I think It is the higher return whether we just can receive 2% certified deposit. But, we still be careful with the market. Market is unpredictable. Someday the index will sink to the bottom. You should protect yourself from it. You may buy asset like precious metal, land, and building.
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    What is economic Value added

    Every investor want high profit in shares investing. They will analyze the fundamental share before investing. Some analyst use Economic Value Added (EVA) to predict the share returns beside EPS and Net Profit. EVA is a profit measure for shareholder side. The formula is Net Operational After Tax (NOPAT) less with capital of cost of company. EVA could be used as the performance evaluation too and this measurement could predict the return of the stock. read more


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