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    Do you think Facebook Stock is good?

    Previously post, I explain about facebook stock. If Mark Zuckenburg IPO the facebook share, will you buy it? You have to check the company first. You may like facebook but it does not mean that you have to buy the stock. Analyze the company first. Will facebook pay you high return or gain. We are difficult to analyze the dotcom company because the intangible asset is so high. Some experts are difficult to calculate it. In my opinion, we cannot hope much with facebook because it is a new company. We do not know whether the company will grow like Google or will close. You can ask your broker to analyze the stock source: mint.com
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    How to measure investment return?

    I think it is important to measure your investment performance. You may leave them, if they could not give you return. Reversely, you may use the manager service if they give you high return. The simple of measurement is market index or stock index. Compare your return minus broker fee and expense with index performance such as Standard & Poor’s 500. read more


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