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    Retirement Strategy : Live comfort After retired

    Most people want to live comfort at old day. That is why they invest their money at retirement saving.They realize that they can work at old day. Unfortunately, some people has been failed to plan their retirement. Therefore, they need a strategy for their retirement. It is not difficult but you should hard for it. Here are the strategy: 1. Invest at some investment. If you have much money you can invest at various investment 2. Build a business Start with a small business 3.Freelancing - Find some freelancing jobs. 4. Buy more asset if you have more money. You can sell it or rent it someday
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    Why Investment?

    Life is not always easy. Sometimes we are facing with bad situation that need money. For example, our business loses so we have to pay the debt to the creditor. If we have money, we can settle the debt immediately. 1. Wealth Undoubtable, someone who has much investment is a wealth people. They have house, car, and other assets. If they have million dollars, they can buy luxury car or airplane. They have ability to face with economic crisis. They still can buy food and cloth in crisis to continue their life whereas some people are difficult to buy food and cloth. 2. Education Education is very expensive. We need thousand dollars to finance our kid at college. If you want your kids enter medicine school, you should prepare more money. Your kids need college to reach the wealth. The pa
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    Trust : a cheaper choice in 401k

    To increase our wealth, we have to save some of our salary in retirement fund such as 401k. We have to invest money at there. Some people may invest mutual fund for their 401k. Mutual fund is good because some of them can give high return than CDs. Unfortunately, mutual fund often charge high commission that we have to pay it. Now, there is solution for cheaper investment. Trust is cheaper than mutual fund because it charge fewer transaction fee than mutual fund. Morningstar says trust fees average 0.54% of assets a year, compared with 0.73% for mutual funds. With “foreign large blend” investments, trust fees average 0.67% and mutual funds 1.03% (Notice: Trust is not always cheaper than mutual fund) Unfortunately, trust is different with mutual fund. There is no rule for t
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    3 Improving Retirement Income Ideas

    Most retirement face with lack retirement income because they have inadequate saving. Allianz Global investor, financial services provider, explore the key insight that is very important to create the retirement income. Those ideas are: Seeing your future self Use new virtual technology. It helps us to set our retirement. I am still confused because the virtual technology cannot see our futures. This is the simple calculation only base on saving rate but it may help you. Addressing Retiress’ Hypersensitivity to loss According Eric Johnson, Columbia Business School professor, The retire loss is more acute. It is logic because a retire has no salary again and he or she cannot collect money. Tangible Mental account People tend to separate their money into some account. Therefore
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    Retiree does not spend this expenses again

    Some people are sad when they are retired. They think they will get less money than they still in office. Well, if they save in pension fund, pay off the mortgage, and their children have jobs; they will ditch some spending or expenses. The retiree can ditch some expenses such as: 1. Child care. Your Child have job and you do not have to buy food and cloth for them. 2. Mortgage. The employee usually pay off the mortgages before got retired. Therefore, they do not have to pay mortgage again. 3. Life insurance, we do not have to pay insurance after retirement except you want length the insurance. 4. Smaller house. You do not need big house again because your child have house. Living in smaller house is cheaper. You do not need much money to care it. 5. Car payment. As retirement,
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    How to prepare for buble market

    Some analyst said that the market could be bubble again like dotcom bubble ten years ago. The stock may crash and lose any investors. You need to prepare for the bubble because some country has suffer bad crisis like Greek. Greek crisis also influence Italian, Portugal, and Spain. Here are something you can do: Refinance your mortgages. It might trim your spending. The article suggest to use fix interest because the interest will increase. Do not rely a hundred percent anyone including your government. A government may bankrupt and they cannot pay your retirement and social security They need to change portfolio tactics


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