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    Four fundamental strategies to retire early

    some people often talk about retire early or retire sooner. They may be bored working from morning to night without a significant economic progress. They want live wealth at young age. However some person choose to work until old. They like to work because it is not all about money. Here are some strategies for retire early: 1. Find another jobs. You can work at other place to generate more money. 2. Buy one single family car to thrift your car spending 3. Do not include your child at the payroll 4. Eat at your house. most people eat at out that spend more money read also : How retire safely Business for retire source: finance. yahoo.com
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    Eight retire mistakes

    Some people suffers lack of money after years retire. They must be failure to retire or calculate the retire needs. Finally, they will sell the assets to fulfill their needs. Badder, the retiree will sell their house and live at the street. The employer should avoid the mistake in retiree. There are some mistakes that should be avoided by retire such as: read more
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    How to Retire safely

    A 58 years old man who had 3.6 millions dollars in Malaysia and Singapore shares which amount is 90% of his assets. In 1995 has suffered loss three quarter of his money. When the crisis occurred in 1997, the value of stock was decreasing deeply. The man could avoid loss if he invest to various investment. Supposedly he invested his money to shares, mutual fund, precious metal, land, etc. When the shares decreased, the man could get return from other investments and he does not need to sell the shares. read more
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    Pros and Cons Retire Early

    Retiring early is a dream for some people. They are released from activity such going to office at early morning, type in front of computer, back to home at late night, and etc. Perhaps, you hate your boss or your your colleague and cannot stand with their mock. If you have much money, you can retire early and fund your life with retire money. You can feel secured, nailed down, guaranteed.Unfortunately, you are not a baron descent who can live without hard working so you must not have much money for your life. read more
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    Business for Retiree

    Most retire people uses pension fund to support their lives. If you have enough pension fund and investment, you will not be difficult to fulfill your needs. If, on the other hand, the retiree just has few money, the retire must be hard to life. Beside pension fund and investment, the retiree needs to find other sources income to support your life. Recently, Most pension fund and investment return does not give you good return because the economic crisis. read more


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