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    Opportunity of getting rich

    Only 0,9% US people are billionaire or 2,886,200. So it is not easy to become a rich people. Do you think what is your odds getting rich? Ibnu Khaldun, an Arabian Sociology, have ever told that most rich people whose has much asset comes from rich parent.It is difficult to collect money fast. If you win a lottery, you can become a millionaire. I think lottery is not good for you because only few people can win lottery. You can be homeowners too. If you have money, you can invest at real estate. Unfortunately, Most people like us has little money so we cannot buy house. If we can buy house, we can rent it to other people. read more
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    4 Safe Investments After the Recession

    4 Safe Investments After the Recession By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Ato_Mensah]Ato Mensah Although we don’t think this “recession” is anywhere close to over and will get better any time soon, it would be wise to watch these forms of investments very closely. If or when the double-dip comes, be prepared to jump on these investments like a rabbit on viagra because when the dust settles, these areas will be where the parties at. Gold, Energy, Food and Land Investors who have survived the deepest recession in decades have witnessed a dollar collapse, a housing market collapse, government defaults and a stock market collapse. After the recession started in 2007, everyone is thinking the same thing, where do we invest our money now? In as early as 2005, a monkey cou
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    How Vultures make money

    Most people are hard to find any penny now because of the crisis. The company cannot pay the employee too. Amid the crisis. some people can get benefit too. They exploit floundering, dead, and simply unclaimed. The people is called vulture. In Africa Savanna, A Vulture can exploit other animal hunter such as lion, leopard, fox, and hyena. They will eat the body if the hunter is careless. Here five samples how the vultures make money in crisis: 1.Vulture capitalists when the company dying, they resell to other company after clean up the operation. Therefore, they get handy profit. 2. Vulture funds Some Vulture find benefit from distressed debt fund. When a country want write off the debt or the debt lost value, A vulture ask the investor their money. An afraid investors sell it to the


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