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    Four fundamental strategies to retire early

    some people often talk about retire early or retire sooner. They may be bored working from morning to night without a significant economic progress. They want live wealth at young age. However some person choose to work until old. They like to work because it is not all about money. Here are some strategies for retire early: 1. Find another jobs. You can work at other place to generate more money. 2. Buy one single family car to thrift your car spending 3. Do not include your child at the payroll 4. Eat at your house. most people eat at out that spend more money read also : How retire safely Business for retire source: finance. yahoo.com
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    Opportunity of getting rich

    Only 0,9% US people are billionaire or 2,886,200. So it is not easy to become a rich people. Do you think what is your odds getting rich? Ibnu Khaldun, an Arabian Sociology, have ever told that most rich people whose has much asset comes from rich parent.It is difficult to collect money fast. If you win a lottery, you can become a millionaire. I think lottery is not good for you because only few people can win lottery. You can be homeowners too. If you have money, you can invest at real estate. Unfortunately, Most people like us has little money so we cannot buy house. If we can buy house, we can rent it to other people. read more
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    How to diversify income

    Life is becoming harder recently. We are difficult to find some buck recently. Some employee got fired by the company. They cannot find the job because most company also fired the employee. If they have multi income, they will not suffer by the crisis. A man supposedly has multi income from various sources. They can generate income from everywhere beside their salary. 1. Build a side business. You can delegate the business to other person. Let they work for your business and you just receive the profit. 2. Become a little landlord If you have house or land, you can hire to other people. The tenant may use the land 3. Find side a jobs My friend is a clerk in a public servant office and he was also work as lecture. Try some side jobs to lift your income. 4. Create some book or e-b
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    Saving Energy With the CT Energy Efficiency Fund by Real Writer

    The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund is designed to offer rebates and incentives to Connecticut residents who make an effort to reduce energy waste in the home. Taking advantage of this allows you to reduce your own energy bills by improving home energy efficiency. It also allows you to get discounts, cash back and other perks as you move forward with green changes to the home. Check out these seven cool programs that the CT Energy Efficiency Fund has going on: 1. Energy Star Rebates. Purchasing a new Energy Star appliance makes your home more efficient. This saves energy and money for you. Need more incentive than that? CT offers rebates to people for their Energy Star purchases. The rebates change with the season and available funds. It’s worth it to check what’s being of
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    How to fit a Personal Trainer in a tight budget - mint.com

    Health is very important for everyone. We have to keep our body health. Every one should eat health food and also sport. Sport can keep your health. Some people use personal trainer. They are professional people that can guide you. This is a guide from mint to fit a personal trainer. It may help you to save some bucks. Create a tight budget Allocate some unnecessary things Know How to spend fitness dollar Find The Right Match
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    What you should do before investing in stocks

    When I was college, I thought that I would invest at some share If I got money. I did not think about any spending or and financial planning. I was sure that I would get money from stock investment especially blue chip stock. My friend invested money at blue chip and he got much money. It is wrong to put all money at stock only. A Human has so many necessity. You should know that investing at stock is risky. I read Ken Little Post in about.com. He suggested to think some steps like: 1. Emergency fund Prepare at least 6 month cash reserves 2. Estate Planning You are better to think house first than investing stock 3. Retirement Planning Do you have retirement planning? 4. Short-term financial goals What is your short-term financial goals? To pay the debt? To buy a new car? 5. A
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    How to achieve financial freedom

    Every body want to be financial freedom. In reality, some people is difficult to get it. They found obstacles that bar their aim. There are some steps for achieving financial freedom from mint.com. You can follow these steps to get financial freedom: 1. Make Personal finance excited for you. It is because everyone need personal finance knowledge. 2. Pay less for a college degree. We absolutely need education for future but we can pay cheap for it. Try to find any alternatives to pay college less. 3. Turn your passion into living 4. Are you dare to work for yourself? Being an employee in a big company is good. You can get high salary and pension fund. Unfortunately, your salary is limited. Are you dare to get more income by working for yourself? 5.Life is not for work only. The life-w
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    Financial planning for beginner

    Some young man do not think about financial planning because they think they still young. Well, They need to make financial planning. They do not what will happen in future. Here some guide to make a beginning financial planning. 1. Starting Out Having finished the school, you may get somejobs even with limited salary. Some unlucky have no job. Try to save with limited money. 2. Get out from under Pay the debt first. Avoid debt. 3. Build a cash reserve Provide money for next three month. Do not spend this money for other purpose 4. Build retirement fund Buy 401(k) plan for your retirement. You can buys another retirement fund like IRA, Roth IRA, and others.
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    How People in 1930 save money?

    In 1930, world suffered global economic crisis, including United States people. The company fired the employee because they could not pay them. Off course they were hard to fulfill basic need. However they use some strategy to survive in crisis. You may follow their step to survive in Global crisis. Last news said that the Greek crisis may affect the US economic too. 1. Plant some food plant or fruit plant. You can reap the fruit or vegetable so you can thrift some dollar. 2. Use mass transportation like train, tram and bus. It save some dollar too. By using mass transportation, you help the environment become green. 3. Take care of bird or chicken in your backyard. You can slaughter them if you want eat bird or chicken. Chicken also produce delicious egg too. 4. Avoid debt Credit ca
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    How to Start Business?

    Starting a business is a challenging for most people especially people who has no business experience. Most people just imagine about running business and get money from it but they just do in their mind. They do not want to act because they just imagine to get much money and life comfort. They are never dare to take the risk and start the business. read more
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