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    Active ETF cannot beat Passive ETF

    It is not good for investor whose has active ETF. They think the active is better than the passive. I have read the article from Investopedia.com. Actively ETF is different with passive ETF. The management of active ETF must work hard to manage active fund. They do short selling, sector rotation, and buying on margin. On the other hand, a passive ETF manager will not do like that. They invest their money at index such as S&P 500. Unfortunately, most active investor does not get money as they think. The active ETF cannot beat the index or market performance. Actively-managed ETF is rare. It is because the technical challenge in creating the product. We do not know the share or stock price exactly. There is disparity price. To the big buyer such as ETF management, the stock seller give
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    Goldman Sachs scandal decreased index

    Securities Exchange Comitte’s (SEC) allegation decreased market Index. SEC allege Goldman Sach Cheat Subprime mortgages. The scandal also influence Asian Market too. The world stock price fell. Beside Goldman Sach Scandal, The oil price also influence the decreasing. The oil price decrease to $ 81.3. Some analyst in my country said that the Goldman Sach case can crush the market If the SEC can proof the allegation. In this case, Goldman Sach publish a collatarized debt obligation, a derivative product that guarantee a compound debt. Some analyst also doubt with SEC. SEC is not clear to punish the fraud investment company. They often release the fraud company. It is too risk for America to blame Gold Sach. They will not want the market Index crush. Therefore. they will silent


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