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    Linkedin add 175 Million in Initial Public Offering

    Linkedin is a professional social network that plan to raise IPO around 175 million dollar. I believe other social networking will follow what Linkedin do. Linkedin has 90 million member, compared facebook whose has half billion account. Linkedin is a good company that can generate earned $ 1.85 million of $ 161 million revenue at the first nine month last year. Meanwhile, facebook earned $355 million of 1.2 billion. Do you think Facebook stock good facebook IPO is coming sooner
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    Facebook's IPO is coming sooner

    I agree that the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of greatest social networking in the world facebook is coming sooner. As common people, we are difficult to analyze the prospect of Facebook company. Will it give the investor high return? Nobody know No body know what is the real value of this company. However, a famous investor company, Goldman Sachs, has acquire one percent of Facebook share or for $500 Million. I believe some people may follow what Goldman Sachs have done. Some people hope there is second dotcom bubble that can give high return to investor. I think it will not happen. Some investor will anticipate second bubble and people has no money so they will be careful to keep the money.
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    Where venture capitalist are investing their money? - inc.com

    Two years ago, investment climate is not good. Now, The Venture capital want anything is better than 2008 and 2009. There are few optimism in 2010 because the relative resurgence of merger-acquisition activity and IPO’s. It is the good opportunity for VCs. According Thomas Reuter data, there is venture capitalist-backed company raise $ 936 million in first quarter 2010. It amount is double last year. The venture capitalist invest their money at certain industry that interest them such as Biotechnology and Information technology. It because the tech industry and biotechnology industry is profitable business. Google spent at least $145 billion on nine companies on first quarter 2010. Meanwhile, Apple bought two VC-backed companies. Medical is the second busiest of merger and ac


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