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    Is the lottery winner happy?

    Do you believe the lottery can make us rich? I do not believe and I never buy lottery. We are hard to find money through lottery. You should stop the lottery now and use the money to other purpose. Buy a money box and put the coin. Say, you can buy lottery coupon $ 5 a day. If you save the money in money box, you will get $ 1800 a year. In, a year, you can use it to buy anything or you can invest it. The government should stop the lottery because it is useless. Lottery can make people addicted and finally they bankrupt. In my country, the government has been forbids the lottery for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, people still can buy black lottery everywhere. The probability of winning a lottery is very small. Only few people can get the money. Most people will be dissapointed. For


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