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    Investing in precious metal recently

    The interest rate is so low today or nearly zero. People could not get any benefit from low interest rate. The stock price is also decreasing. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has to cut the rate because it will recover economy. Precious metal is proved stable in recession era. The price is rising over many times. I have read that the price of gold could hit $ 2,000 per troy ounce. Today, the gold price is around $ 900 per troy ounce. Off course it could make US economic bankrupt. On the other hand, the gold owner will still happy because they still have gold. Beside gold, you can invest at other precious metal like platinum and silver. People want save their money in gold because the value is not decrease. People do not want to save their money to unpredictable asset like house, sto
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    There is no golden rule of investment today

    The crisis make the market is decreasing to deep valley. This the steepest decline since Great Depression. The small investor should invest at safe investment like gold.
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    How to research an investment study with SPSS

    As investor, you should research to determine what the stock or investment. Research helps you find the greatest stock that could give you more money in future. If you have broker or financial advisor, you will get research result from them. Examine a research is not difficult moreover you have financial background. Finance research is also important for the investment student who wants past undergraduate program. In Finance, we know that the return stock of a company has relation with other factors. The return could move because economic condition and company factors. To investigate the relation, you need to know what regression is. Regression is correlation between dependent factor and independent factor. In reality, we find a phenomenon has relation with other phenomena. Since t
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    Basic of mutual fund

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