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    Is the lottery winner happy?

    Do you believe the lottery can make us rich? I do not believe and I never buy lottery. We are hard to find money through lottery. You should stop the lottery now and use the money to other purpose. Buy a money box and put the coin. Say, you can buy lottery coupon $ 5 a day. If you save the money in money box, you will get $ 1800 a year. In, a year, you can use it to buy anything or you can invest it. The government should stop the lottery because it is useless. Lottery can make people addicted and finally they bankrupt. In my country, the government has been forbids the lottery for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, people still can buy black lottery everywhere. The probability of winning a lottery is very small. Only few people can get the money. Most people will be dissapointed. For
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    Facebook's IPO is coming sooner

    I agree that the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of greatest social networking in the world facebook is coming sooner. As common people, we are difficult to analyze the prospect of Facebook company. Will it give the investor high return? Nobody know No body know what is the real value of this company. However, a famous investor company, Goldman Sachs, has acquire one percent of Facebook share or for $500 Million. I believe some people may follow what Goldman Sachs have done. Some people hope there is second dotcom bubble that can give high return to investor. I think it will not happen. Some investor will anticipate second bubble and people has no money so they will be careful to keep the money.
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    Do not worry about doble dip recession

    We live at hard time where the company fire more employee and we are hard to find money. Some experts said that the economic will to double deep recession. Off course, I am worried to because my business may fall too. The Europe economic, such as, Greek, Italian, and Spanish is teetering. The interest rate is increasing. However the article said that we should not worry about double dip recession. The article give some tips to overcome the double dip. Avoid companies that make consumer goods other than necessities. Invest at the company which produce necessities. In hard times, people need necessities so the company still get return too. Stock can protect you from inflation too. Arrange your portfolio that can protect you from inflation. Do not afraid with the bear stock. You can over
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    How to Spot Fake coupon

    In crisis, people find coupon to cut their spending. Some company offers discount, or free sample product through coupon. We can get coupon from website, blog, magazine, newspaper,and others. If we can use the coupon, we can save some bucks. Unfortunately, some fraud people use coupon to fraud other people. There are some fake coupon in internet. You need to be careful with it. We must be shame when we change the coupon but it is no valid. This is the sign of fake coupon, according to mint.com. 1. The expiration is uncertain or too long. Do not believe to this coupon. A real coupon expire is one week or one month. The good coupon expire usually is very short. 2. The coupon promise big free things. For example: you can change the coupon with Amazon Kindle. It is insane. Do not believe t
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    How To invest in Chinese Money

    Now, Chinese is the biggest economic power. Chinese has bought up United States bond. Chinese is the fastest growing in Economic. According some people, the Chinese values is under 20 to 40% of real value. It is a good opportunity to get profit from the money. To invest at Yuan. you can buy some investment. You should remember that investing at Chinese Yuan is risky. You can lose your asset and no one will replace your money. Here some investment that you can use it. I qoute from stockweb: Currency ETFs Market Vectors Chinese Renminbi/USD ETN (CNY). This is actually exchange traded notes which provides exposure to exchange rates of foreign currencies. WisdomTree Dreyfus Chinese yuan (CYB). This ETF follows money market rates in China and changes in value against US dollar. Country
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    How to Evaluate a Cash Flow Statement

    Before, investing in a share, you need to evaluate the financial statement too. One of financial statement is cash flow statement. Carefully read this statement and analyze it. You can find the financial statement at company website or blog. 1. Read the statement of cash flow that contain three section, i.e: cash flow operation (CFO), cash flow investing (CFI) and cash flow operating (CFO). CFO describe on how much cash that company use to produce their product or service. CFI describe on how much cash the company invest. CFF is about stock or bond that company issues 2. See the operation section or segment. Has the company sufficient cash to support the business. From where they get the money? 3. Go to Investment section. Is the company invest some assets. 4. Some company issues sto
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    Small Businesses are not ready to recruit new employee businessweek.com

    With limited fund, demand and worker, the small businesses are not ready to pay other workers. Even the firing in small business has been decreasing since October this year; the surplus worker will fill the jobs. One of the reasons why small businesses are not ready is the credit crunch. The other factor is decreasing demand or decreasing sales. http://hubpages.com/hub/How-To-Make-a-Good-Proposal
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    How to become financial analysts

    The financial analysts are needed by financial service industry, investment firms, insurance, banks and investment bank. This prophecy promises high salary to you. In my county, an financial analyst’s salary reach 20 times higher than administrative staff. 1. Get the right education. An financial analyst supposedly have a finance degree. It will good if you get MBA degree and CFA certificate. You may consider taking series 7 and series 63 examination if you do not hold MBA degree. Some investment company consider to recruit analyst from various background like IT, biology,engineering, psych, etc. My friend who has engineering background works as financial analyst. read more
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    Six Investing motivation

    Live is unpredictable. Sometimes, we hold manager position that has enough salary to fulfill our needs. There is time when we are difficult to find any penny. In recession time, most company even famous company cut the employee. Of course, the fired employee could not get money anymore. Asking someone else to fulfill our need is not wise. You will be mock from others. Getting from Unemployment benefit make your pride is down. read more
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    What is ROA?

    Return on Asset (ROA) is a famous ratio in financial statement although it less popular than price to earning ratio (PER). This ratio as complement to make your analystys accurate. ROA measure return (net equity) relative to asset. This ratio measure the ability of company in converting asset to return. read more
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