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    Asian Market Fell

    Despite the economic growth, Some Asian market fall. Japan stock Index led the decreasing, dropping 11.61 points or 1.5 %. Hongkong Hangseng index decreased 1.5% too. Indonesia was down 0.8% slightly, Singapore 0.6%, Malaysia 0.5% and China decreased 1.1%.Thailand where the situation political is uncertain also fall to 2.1%. Some Asian countries publish high-interest notes to fund the country. For example, Indonesia offers 2.5% interest for foreign currency. Off course, the interest higher than United States deposit that give only 0.5%. Some Indonesia experts has realized that the foreign money grab the notes. On the other hand, Dow Jones Index climbed 0.2% in Thursday. Google also gain higher profit that last year. Photo: JMRosenfeld
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    Dow Jones Average reach 11000

    This is a good news for investor or speculator. They will get benefit from increasing Dow Jones Average. Dow increase 35% in last one year. I think It is the higher return whether we just can receive 2% certified deposit. But, we still be careful with the market. Market is unpredictable. Someday the index will sink to the bottom. You should protect yourself from it. You may buy asset like precious metal, land, and building.
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    Strategies For Buying Penny Stocks

    By Keith E Guyette We’ve written a lot of articles about picking the right penny stocks. This is obviously a very important step, the next is timing your purchase. When should I buy and how many shares should I buy are also important questions to think about. You should have your strategy mapped out before you make your trade. The goal is to make money and you are able to do this if you buy low and sell higher. This will not always happen and you have to have your strategy in place. Be prepared to take a loss, will your sell be triggered by a certain % of loss or will it be triggered by support breaking. Set your stop loss and forget about it. You are buying the stock because you expect the price to rise, when it doesn’t there was a flaw in your strategy or your penny stock pic
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    The Stock Market Will Worst

    Use the government expenditure to boost the economic, the US stock market does not recover, the increasing the stock is only for moment. A famed investor suggest not to bet in Stock investment. He added the stock will decreasing in the space three or four week. The expert Muhammad El-Erian say that the economic situation is similar with a kid who eat the candy. Someday the kid will hungry, perhaps. We feel the sweat of sugar but someday diabetic will attack us. El-Erian also give some terrible data like: the unemployment will increase to 8 % US gross domestic product will increase at average two percents.
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    Some Factor influence share prices

    When Microsoft tried to acquire Yahoo, Yahoo share was rising to $ 30. Microsoft had offering $ 31 for a Yahoo share (stock). This offer was better than market value stock that day. This situation made Yahoo stockholder happy, they could sell their stock with best price. The stockholder will get profit from higher stock price. Microsoft has desire to wide their search engine business. Actually, they are of msn.com. A few months ago, they had opened bing.com for expanding market. Why Yahoo stock price can raise? On the other hand, maybe someday Yahoo stock will turn down. Economic sciences can explain this phenomenon easily. Ceteris paribus, high demand makes the price of a commodity rise up. Stock price may rise or down because of supply-demand force. When demand is so high meanwhile supp
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    Investment to raise your wealth

    Share market could give million dollars to investors. Reversely, it will make bankrupt the rich people too. My friend said that his fried at office bought a house after had won in shares market. Warren Buffet could build hundreds companies through share investment. Certainly, we can get some revenue from shares. We should learn from the best to get super profit. There are some tips that may useful for you. read more…
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    Housing and Bank hope with the stock jump?

    Dow Jones Index Average rise up to 235 poin. S&P 500 also rise 3 percent. Some experts believe economic will rebound. As the market sign rebound, the investor buy much stock. US stock market rise because a housing company, Lowe’s Cos., post great earning. Some homebuilding company stock price is also increasing like Beazer Home House USA inc and Lennar Corp. A Rochdale securitst predict the financial institution will get multiplied profit. Energy stock also rise too because the neery price is rising. Crudes oil rise near to $ 60. idelally old price is $ 70. It is difficult to precit economic will be better. Perhasp the rising of stock this time will not rise again.
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    Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) close the looser project

    The biggest search engine wants to make the company efficient. They decide to close some project that has not give profit. They have to thrift their expenses in this bad condition. I think it is better than fires the employee. Certainly, the looser project will decrease their profit too. The company must provide some money for looser project. The Google Earth is the great project. We can see world map in one click. Unfortunately, Google earth needs more money; meanwhile, the profit of Google Earth is not good. If economic become recover, they could try looser project too. Looser project today will become profitable project. Who is known?
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    Mattel (NYSE: MAT) and Hasbro (NYSE: HAS) offer cheap toys

    Since the global crisis, the company thinks to decreases the sales price so more customers buy their product. They have aim to increase the sales. In bad economics, the family especially the low income will decrease their expenditure. They will not expense money for very important things. Some analyst says that lower price will decrease their profit. I do not think so. Mattel and Hasbro CEO are very clever. The cheap price will attract more buyers. Certainly, they will get more money.
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    How to make a stock portfolio

    Mr. Single likes to invest at a technology stock. He thinks the technology could give him profit over many times. On the other hand, Mr. Portfolio invests at the variety stock like technology, financial, retail, mining, petroleum, etc. When technology index rises, Mr. Single gets return over many times. Say, Mr. Single gets 20% return. On the other hand, Mr. Portfolio just gets 5 % return. Mr. Single believes that stock is profitable so he reinvest the return at the technology stock. Unfortunately, technology index decrease next day. Mr. Single loses over many times. On the other hand, Mr. Portfolio gets return for 10%. He succeed overcome the decreasing index. From story above, we know that portfolio is very important. It could share your risk. When technology stock loss, the other stoc


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