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    Why Investment?

    Life is not always easy. Sometimes we are facing with bad situation that need money. For example, our business loses so we have to pay the debt to the creditor. If we have money, we can settle the debt immediately. 1. Wealth Undoubtable, someone who has much investment is a wealth people. They have house, car, and other assets. If they have million dollars, they can buy luxury car or airplane. They have ability to face with economic crisis. They still can buy food and cloth in crisis to continue their life whereas some people are difficult to buy food and cloth. 2. Education Education is very expensive. We need thousand dollars to finance our kid at college. If you want your kids enter medicine school, you should prepare more money. Your kids need college to reach the wealth. The pa
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    How investments grow

    A tree will grow as the time go. The tree will have sweet and big fruit. To eat sweet fruit or sell the fruit is the farmer’s aim. They cultivated the seed of three years before. They care the tree. They use fertilizer to grow the tree and they use pesticide once disease attacks the tree. The illustration above describes that how tree grow. We often hear the investment also grow to. That is why people put their money at investment. They want the money grow like a tree and they want to benefit the investment fruit’s too. Surely, investment is very different to tree. You do not have to use fertilizer or disinfectant to grow the investment. Like a tree, investment need time to grow. The investment cannot grow in short time. You should invest your money, manage it, and wait it.
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    The Process of Buying And Selling Stocks

    The Process of Buying And Selling Stocks Here is the process of buying and selling stocks. You can order the stock to the broker first. To add the capital some company may publish their shares to public. They hope they can generate some money from outside company. The investors must find the good stock to increase their wealth. Unlike buy an apple, we cannot buy directly the shares. We should order the share to the broker and, then transfer some money to the broker. Content Source: Bukisa - The Process of Buying And Selling Stocks
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    4 Safe Investments After the Recession

    4 Safe Investments After the Recession By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Ato_Mensah]Ato Mensah Although we don’t think this “recession” is anywhere close to over and will get better any time soon, it would be wise to watch these forms of investments very closely. If or when the double-dip comes, be prepared to jump on these investments like a rabbit on viagra because when the dust settles, these areas will be where the parties at. Gold, Energy, Food and Land Investors who have survived the deepest recession in decades have witnessed a dollar collapse, a housing market collapse, government defaults and a stock market collapse. After the recession started in 2007, everyone is thinking the same thing, where do we invest our money now? In as early as 2005, a monkey cou
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    How to invest in Gems

    Investing is not in stock or bond only. Ancient people used gold as their investment vehicle. They also save gems and they will sell it when they need money. To me Gems is like an art. It is not liquid. We are hard to find any buyer who want to buy the gems. We should contact the collector or people who like the gems. However If you want invest at Gems, you can do like this. Mint explain about it 1. Buy a gem There are some gem that have good price such as : Sapphire, Ruby, Emerland (Zamrud) and diamonds. Buy the gems at wholesale if you want invest gems. You can get it cheaper price. 2.Buy Mutual fund Buy precious metal is profitable too. The gold prices is high and you can get benefit from it. 3.Invest at proxies There are some ETF that give you high return too. You can buy silver ETF
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    What you should do before investing in stocks

    When I was college, I thought that I would invest at some share If I got money. I did not think about any spending or and financial planning. I was sure that I would get money from stock investment especially blue chip stock. My friend invested money at blue chip and he got much money. It is wrong to put all money at stock only. A Human has so many necessity. You should know that investing at stock is risky. I read Ken Little Post in about.com. He suggested to think some steps like: 1. Emergency fund Prepare at least 6 month cash reserves 2. Estate Planning You are better to think house first than investing stock 3. Retirement Planning Do you have retirement planning? 4. Short-term financial goals What is your short-term financial goals? To pay the debt? To buy a new car? 5. A
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    Federal regulation reduce Wall Street risk

    Democrats senator try to goal the financial regulators to reduce wall street risk. They hope the regulation will be signed on July, 4. Obama hope this financial regulation help US people and prevent financial crisis. The federal will limit of bank charge. Meanwhile, Republicans critics for imposing of tighter Fanni Mae and Ginni Mae. A republican said that democrats have crafted bill that annoy the root of crisis. The lobbyists sure to goal this ( i quote from yahoo finance): – Require bank holding companies to spin off their derivatives business into self-funded subsidiaries. Banks would be allowed to keep less risky derivatives operations. – Set new standards for what banks must keep in reserve to protect against losses. Lobbyists carved out a grandfather exception f
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    The characteritics of defensive stock

    Some company stock still give dividend to the shareholder while crisis. The company does not fired the employee because they still need the employee to produce their product. The company still sell the product because the demand is stable. What is kind of the stock or share? the stock is also called defensive stock. Hence with its name, This stock can give money in any economic climate. The company that has defensive stock is retail industry, food industry, and other utilities. People should buy food, drink and other utilities for their life. They will buy th product at all cost. Not all food industry company share is defensive stock. For example, cigarettes is not defensive stock. The demand cigarettes is depended on economic. Some food company is not defensive stock especially produce
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    Where venture capitalist are investing their money? - inc.com

    Two years ago, investment climate is not good. Now, The Venture capital want anything is better than 2008 and 2009. There are few optimism in 2010 because the relative resurgence of merger-acquisition activity and IPO’s. It is the good opportunity for VCs. According Thomas Reuter data, there is venture capitalist-backed company raise $ 936 million in first quarter 2010. It amount is double last year. The venture capitalist invest their money at certain industry that interest them such as Biotechnology and Information technology. It because the tech industry and biotechnology industry is profitable business. Google spent at least $145 billion on nine companies on first quarter 2010. Meanwhile, Apple bought two VC-backed companies. Medical is the second busiest of merger and ac
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    38,000 UK people targeted fraud people

    Financial Service Authority send a warning to 38,000 UK people on conning them out of thousands of pounds. Most people live in London, Lancashire, South East of England and Yorkshire. FSA investigates an unauthorized share trade firm and other illegal financial operators. Before this sucker lists, FSA also found at least 150 boiler room which have lose some Britons. The victim of boiler room lose $ 20,000 in average. The boiler room is a kind of fraudulent investment. The sales peddle the speculative investment to amateur investors through phone. They works like boiler room and try hard to get the investors. That is why it is also called high pressure sales. They just disclose the best information for the investment but they neglect the bad information. FSA hopes they can help the invest
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