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    Is Gold Inflation protector?

    In my old article. I write the gold is the inflation protector. Some scientist criticizes the opinion. They doubt that the gold can protect inflation well. In a case, Gold as inflation protect is not an mark. In last five times, a gold price is increasing five times. Eighty years ago, Gold sterling prices doubled. Therefore, gold is good to protect your value. That is why the gold is very interesting for most investor. Meanwhile, the inflation rate has not yet increased for last five year. I think, we do not find significant relation between gold and inflation. Perhaps Gold is not protect your from inflation but it can protect your asset value. Amid the crisis, we can save money in gold. Now, US debt is very much or 90% of its GDP. We afraid US could not pay the debt so the almighty dol
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    The First Gold ATM in Dubai : Bring Gold to public

    I have told in other post that gold is the best investment. It is strongest and it will help you amid crisis. Now, Dubai opens some Gold Auto Teller Machine (ATM). Therefore, people can buy gold easily everywhere. This is the idea of Thomas Giessler, a German Entrepreneurship. This is the same gold that appears in Frankfurt Airport. The operator of ATM is Ex Oriente Lux. The company has mission to bring the gold to public. I think the company knows that Arab used gold as the exchange. Therefore, Dubai will become a good market for gold ATM. We just insert some money to the ATM that fits with gold price. The ATM provides gold up to 10 g. This is the fine gold or 99.999 or 24 carat form South Africa, Canada and Australia. The ATM launch is timed well because the gold price is increasing. Th
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    West Nusa Tenggara local government want Newmont Shares more

    Indonesian local government want Newmont’s shares. The government of West Nusa Tenggara want more shares in Newmont gold mining company (NEM: NYSE). Tuan Guru (Sheik) Zainul Majdi, the West Nusa Tenggara’s governor, said that the government want 31% shares. The government points multicapital - a subsidiary of Bumi Capital Resources to buy 21 % remaining shares. This divests will involve West Nusa Tenggara province, Sumbawa regency and West Sumbawa Regency where the mining area are located. Under contract, Newmont Nusa Tenggara (NNT) was to divest a 51% shares between 2006 to 2010. Unfortunately, the divests process is not smooth. The local government should struggle their right in International arbitration. The decision forced NNT to divest the shares within half year from Mar
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    Gold is the protector of inflation

    Undoubted, Gold has protect asset from inflation. After Fed announcement purchase h bond $ 300 billion, the gold has risen to $ 50 per ounce. When the government rise money for decreasing the interest rate. Reversely, the gold will decrease when interest rate is rising. Along yime ago, gold was equivalent with money.Today, some government does not guarantee the money with any gold, that is why the money has negative relation with gold. Holding gold also need some strategy. If you see The Fed cut the rate, you can hold it until the inflation decrease down. to the gold holder, they do not have to worry because the inflation is not decreasing.


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