How to diversify income

29 Nov 2010

Life is becoming harder recently. We are difficult to find some buck recently. Some employee got fired by the company. They cannot find the job because most company also fired the employee. If they have multi income, they will not suffer by the crisis.
A man supposedly has multi income from various sources. They can generate income from everywhere beside their salary.

1. Build a side business. You can delegate the business to other person. Let they work for your business and you just receive the profit.

2. Become a little landlord
If you have house or land, you can hire to other people. The tenant may use the land

3. Find side a jobs
My friend is a clerk in a public servant office and he was also work as lecture. Try some side jobs to lift your income.

4. Create some book or e-book.
You will receive monthly royalty from book or e-book.

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