The benefit bike rather than car

15 Nov 2010

Some people decide to leave the car to thrift their spending. According to American Automobile Association (AAA), American people spend $9,000 a year for owning a vehicle that includes car payment, insurance, oil, gasoline, parking, registration fees and taxes, car washes, tools and repairs. It is about $750 per month. according to Bikes at Work Inc, car ownership cost is the second largest household spending. (from :get rich slowly)

You are better to change the car with bike. It is health and can thrift your spending. You do not have to use treadmill again. You can use the $ 9,000 for other spending or settle your debt.

Before deciding to change your vehicles, you should consider some things:
1. Are you strong enough to paddling the bicycle?If you are weak, you do not have to use bicycle.
2. How far your office? If the distance too far, you must not be able to paddle to your office
3. Are you a mobile employee? Perhaps you are an account executive that must promotes your product to other offices.

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