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30 Sep 2010

The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund is designed to offer rebates and incentives to Connecticut residents who make an effort to reduce energy waste in the home. Taking advantage of this allows you to reduce your own energy bills by improving home energy efficiency. It also allows you to get discounts, cash back and other perks as you move forward with green changes to the home.

Check out these seven cool programs that the CT Energy Efficiency Fund has going on:

1. Energy Star Rebates. Purchasing a new Energy Star appliance makes your home more efficient. This saves energy and money for you. Need more incentive than that? CT offers rebates to people for their Energy Star purchases. The rebates change with the season and available funds. It’s worth it to check what’s being offered before you purchase any new appliances for the home.

2. Heat Pump Rebates. The fund supports a specific program designed to reduce the costs of getting a ductless heating and cooling system. This is one of the safest, quietest ways to heat the home. It’s also one of the most efficient. It can take to the energy to heat a home using this system than it does using a traditional heating system. CT offers rebates ranging from $500 to $1000. Furthermore, you can then go ahead and get a federal tax credit or tax rebate on top of the CT rebate.

3. Low Income Efficiency Programs. This fund offers a special program designed specifically to aid low-income CT residents in reducing their energy use. Everyone can stand to spend less on energy but these people really benefit from the savings provided to them through the special attention and education.

4. Home Energy Assessments. The CT Energy Efficiency Fund supports programs that help you to reduce energy waste in your home through personal home audits. These assessments will tell you where your energy is being wasted so that you can repair problems leading to waste. The assessments are part of a program called Home Energy Solutions which also aids in home weatherization and the rebate process for home efficiency.

5. Green Home Funding. The Energy Fund works with other organizations including the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority and HUD Capital Improvement Grants to provide assistance to people who are need of low-interest funding for green home construction and renovation. This helps you to update your home with energy-efficiency in mind without paying exorbitant interest fees. Additionally, people who are building new residences can get further assistance in the form or rebates and other incentives.

6. Advice and Information from Energy Professionals. If you have a question about energy efficiency and programs in Connecticut then you just need to place a call to the Connecticut’s Energy Information Line at 877-WISE-USE.

7. Community Education. The fund supports numerous methods of educating the community about energy efficiency. Examples include a museum partnership, a classroom education program and a SmartLiving Center that displays innovative new energy-saving technologies.

It’s important to note that the specifics of the fund’s incentives and rebates vary depending on the energy distributor that you’re using. Notably, the fund supports your right to choose the low-cost CT electricity supplier that works best for you.
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