People change after two years market crash

16 Sep 2010

After two years market crash, people change. They try to save their self from the crisis that threat them. People try to adapted with their condition. Our ancestors invent coat to prevent from cold weather. Some people may prefer to move from cold area to hot area. Today we can see there are so many people save their money to anticipate the worst crisis. According to US bureau of Economic Analysis, US Personal saving rate has increased to 6 %, or has been doubled since the black market. I think US people afraid with the crisis. As consequently, the consumer rate may decrease. I am afraid the US disposable income will decrease and It also increase the unemployment rate too.
Beside saving, the crisis also affect the investing habits. They may change the strategy. Today Dow Jones is better that two years ago. However the crisis make some investor distrust to the investment like mutual fund. The mutual fund crash in 2008 has loosen people.
Mint organize a poll about the financial statement. Around 79 % correspondents said that the financial statement is better than before crisis. I think most of the correspondents are wealth people. They have so much investment and they can gain in bad crisis. They are also clever and have so much information.

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