Do not worry about doble dip recession

21 Aug 2010

We live at hard time where the company fire more employee and we are hard to find money. Some experts said that the economic will to double deep recession. Off course, I am worried to because my business may fall too. The Europe economic, such as, Greek, Italian, and Spanish is teetering. The interest rate is increasing.

However the article said that we should not worry about double dip recession. The article give some tips to overcome the double dip.
Avoid companies that make consumer goods other than necessities. Invest at the company which produce necessities. In hard times, people need necessities so the company still get return too.
Stock can protect you from inflation too. Arrange your portfolio that can protect you from inflation.
Do not afraid with the bear stock. You can overcome the situation too. The strategy is rebalanced portfolio, (60% stock, 40% Bond/cash) or (70% stock, 30% bond/cash). Off course you can make your own portfolio.

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