How to Spot Fake coupon

3 Aug 2010

In crisis, people find coupon to cut their spending. Some company offers discount, or free sample product through coupon. We can get coupon from website, blog, magazine, newspaper,and others. If we can use the coupon, we can save some bucks. Unfortunately, some fraud people use coupon to fraud other people. There are some fake coupon in internet. You need to be careful with it. We must be shame when we change the coupon but it is no valid.

This is the sign of fake coupon, according to

1. The expiration is uncertain or too long. Do not believe to this coupon. A real coupon expire is one week or one month. The good coupon expire usually is very short.
2. The coupon promise big free things. For example: you can change the coupon with Amazon Kindle. It is insane. Do not believe this fake coupon.
3. They ask your name and your e-mail. Further, they ask your ID.

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