Soros’s Strategy is for holding the stock

8 Jul 2010

George Soros, Most famous fund manager told about the stock Investment strategy. Stock Investing is a puzzle. According to Soros, financial market are unstable by nature. We can see the market sometimes it skyrockets and sometimes it falls to deep valley.

If we have recognized the market, we can get benefit from it. Therefore, Soros do macro analysis in order to find the trend when the stock rise or when the stock drop. If we can detect the trend, we can get million dollars or even trillion dollars. Unfortunately, most people can do it even a good mathematician that can predict the trends of the stock. He also use his instinct to predict the market direction. Only few people whose has instinct like Soros.

According his fund’s latest news, Soros invest the money to the famous Brazilian Oil company or Petrobras. For a common people like me. It is good because Brazil has good economic now. Soros Also invest at other energy company like Canadian Energy Company like Suncor Company, PetroHawk Energy and others. He also invest to other famous stock.

Soros invest ten percent of his asset to gold. Gold is the best investment and it can protect your from inflation. Off course Soros also invest to various stock because he has so much money. Soros make a portfolio that contain any stock. He hold some stock and hope someday the market will be better.

If you have much money, you can invest to various investment.

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