Why Should Apple Shareholders cautious

26 Apr 2010

Apple is a famous technology company and it is a good place for investing. Apple can gain profit from the success of Ipad. Since the company gain much profit, they will give profit to investors too. But, you should be careful too. Onlinewallsteerjournal.com lists seven reason Apple should be cautious. There are:
1. Apple is not best technology company. There is some competitor which is better than Apple like Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Palm and others.
2. Apple energy is decreased.
3. The share price has doubled so it is difficult to double again.If the share price on high peak. It is difficult to increase again.
4. Steve Jobs’ ego. Bot using keyboard is a innovation, according to me. the writer should not allege Jobs.
5. The cellular network may stop giving away the store
6. Apple starting domination the industries
7. Steve Jobs health. This rumor can influence share price.

This is only opinion. The wall street may be wrong.

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